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The Pathway Towards the Seer:


Precise alignment in asana leads towards illuminative intelligence, according to BKS Iyengar in Core of the Yoga Sutras. We align much more than the physical body when we create the iconic shape of an asana. The kosas (sheaths of our being) provide an excellent road map for the process of involution. In this class we will work from the outer most frontier of the body towards the inner most sheath and along the way, plant seeds to cultivate the sattvic (illumination, clarity) state mentioned above. Selected forward extensions, twisting poses, and inversions will squeeze, wring, and rinse the physical body, open pranic channels and move from the periphery to the core.In asana we can set the stage to move towards the seer by working with the outer sheaths. With dedication and devotion, it is quite possible that this practice will set the stage for the inner sheaths to present themselves.  This workshop will be a compliment the morning classs.

The Yoga Belt:  A tool to enliven your practice


We establish the foundation of a yoga pose and attempt to maintain it as we move on to other components. We may find our concentration has wavered on the initial work as unsteadiness in the asana appears. Mastery can feel somewhat like multi-tasking until we penetrate into the body’s innate intelligence and feel synchronicity develop. The belt can teach you to become more sensitive to dullness or heaviness which may limit the vibrancy of an asana. It can assist in maintaining work on one area as concentration shifts to other segments. Once this awakening occurs then your relationship with a particular pose is transformed.  This awakening can be in the form of utilization of the breath, a sensitivity to the mechanical action that is induced, or it may simply be a new perspective on connectivity as new areas of the embodiment become sensitized. Come and discover how to apply this most valuable tool and enrich your practice

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