Intro to Iyengar Yoga: This class covers the basic principles and foundation postures of Iyengar Yoga. Standing and sitting postures are emphasized; as well as establishing a strong foundation for shoulder stand and it's variations. This class is recommended for students who: are new to yoga, returning after some time away, and for those coming from other traditions/styles of yoga practice. The 1 Month Unlimited Class Card applies to this class.



All Levels: This class is approriate for all levels of students. The teacher will adjust the class to suit the needs of the class. The 1 Month Unlimited Class Card applies to this class.



Level 1: This class reviews, and refines all poses and principles from the fundamentals classes while expanding the variety of postures with simple backbends, introductions to headstand, and more seated postures. It also introduces varieties of faster paced sequencing as well as longer holds of poses. Students in Level I classes will begin to explore more thoroughly the varied use of props, such as belts, blocks, chairs, walls, etc, which help to deepen understanding of the postures. Students who are new to yoga, or to Iyengar yoga are advised to begin with other classes at the studio.   However, newcomers who are relatively fit and open to face challenges with a sense of humor : ) are welcome to attend these Level I classes and decide with the aid of the teacher if the class is appropriate for them. The 1 Month Unlimited Class Card DOES NOT apply to this class.



Gentle:  A moderately paced, less rigorous class for new and continuing students.  Postures are taught with more modifications and props to accommodate older students, those with stiffer bodies, and/or those with mild chronic health conditions.  The more moderate pacing and focus on supported postures is also helpful to those experiencing symptoms of fatigue, stress, anxiety, or depression, or those simply needing a rest.  Emphasis is given to supported poses that increase mobility and strength of the neck, shoulders, spine, legs, and opening the chest for optimal circulation and breathing. The 1 Month Unlimited Class Card applies to this class.




Continuing Asana: Participation is allowed by permission of the teacher. Continuing Asana is not simply about doing more difficult poses. It is primarily about having experience with the method that gives you an ability to be adventurous (with safety) as well as to reach toward more subtle refinements in the context of a class that moves dynamically.This class will regularly practice headstand working toward headstand variations, arm balancings such as handstand and forearm balance as well as more difficult standing, seated, backbending and twisting postures. If interested, request permission only if you've had one year minimum study with a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, you have the ability to modify poses for your particular body, and are confident practicing a minimum 5 minute shoulder stand.


















Iyengar Yoga is a vast subject and is capable of meeting the needs of all kinds of people.  At PYS we strive to provide classes of different types which allow for this diversity and which can help you find a good place to start as well as a way to progress, safely, intelligently, and at a pace which is right for you.


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