Full Set:  1 backless chair, 1 purple mat, 2 blocks (wood or foam), 1 belt, 3 blankets (grey wool...very firm support)

Price: $45 or 3 classes off your existing class card per month


The above props can be rented for $10 per month for each item (2 blocks or 3 blankets count as 1 item each, ie 2 blocks are $10 per month total)


(Rental of props must be paid by cash or check when you initially pick them up at the studio.  Further monthly payments can be made by mailing a check or through paypal.)


Why rent props?  If you have studied Iyengar Yoga, then you already know that the use of props is actually a science and an art in itself which helps us learn and search out more benefits from each and every yoga posture.  The props at Portland Yoga Studio are absolutely useful, they have been collected for their high quality of useability.  (That being said, don't worry AT ALL if you do not have high grade props!  Many household items such as belts, towels, blankets, step stools, chairs, tables, couches, counters, walls, doors, hardcover books, to name a few can be used in there place, however many practitioners find having high grade props is ideal.)


In the Zoom classes props will not be required, but in some cases having useful supports will make certain poses more accessible.  


Particularly, if you're interested in deepening your practice of Iyengar Yoga  having props will allow you to greatly refine your pracice of certain poses and explore some of the many interesting and varied ways that props themselves can become a "teacher" in learning useful actions and deepening awareness in the postures.


Props will be particularly necessary for some of the work in Level 2 classes with me.


To rent props, please call me at 207-807-3807, or email at [email protected]


You can pay by cash or check when you come to pick them up at my Congress St location.

















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